autumn checks

As we start to settle down for autumn and the temperature starts to drop outside, it might be time to start carrying out some of those maintenance checks on your car that you’ve been putting off all summer.

Here are some things you should be keeping an eye out for as we edge into the colder months.

Windscreen Wipers

It’s a good idea to replace the blades on your windscreen wipers about once every two years.

Autumn will inevitably lead to more rain, as well as debris such as leaves falling from the trees above, all of which will end up needing to be cleared from your windshield.

If you notice that your current windscreen wipers are smearing dirt or causing streaks across the windshield, it’s going to make it more difficult to see and you’d better have them changed. The great thing is that they’re easy and cheap to replace too.

Screen Wash

Seeing as you’re going to be using your wiper more than usual, it’s a good idea to regularly check that you’ve got enough screen wash and top it up if necessary too.

This is one which is easy to carry out yourself too, just check out this quick guide from Marmalade!

Again, screen wash is nice and cheap too, so you may as well get this one done so that it’s out of the way!

Tyre Tread

Worn tyres are one the biggest causes of accidents on the roads, with 40% of vehicle defect related deaths being caused by dangerous tyres according to a Department for Transport report.

Make sure that you regularly check your tyre tread, ideally once a week. The best way to do this is with the 20p test.

Simply take a 20p piece and insert it into the tread grooves. If you can see the outer band of the coin, then it’s probably time to have them changed.

Light Bulbs

Once the clocks go back and the nights get darker, you’ll soon come to rely on your headlights a lot more.

Properly working headlights are crucial to ensure good visibility on the roads, so it’s more important than ever to replace any faulty lights on the vehicle.

Make sure to take five minutes to check all front and rear lights, including indicators, are working (you might need a friend to check the rear ones). Lights are another part which are nice and cheap and easy to repair too.


The car’s battery has to put in more work during autumn as it powers up your lights, heater and wipers.

If you notice that any of these instruments are starting to fail, it’s a good idea to start thinking about replacing the battery sooner rather than later.

A battery breakdown is the last thing you need in the dead of winter and while it’s one of the more expensive jobs, if it needs doing, it needs doing.

No matter what it is that you’re replacing, it’s a good idea to heed the advice of VW Motor Parts, who say: “When you choose genuine car parts, you can count on the highest quality. Genuine parts are manufactured to strict quality standards imposed by engineers for an exact fit and precise operation.

“Many non-genuine parts may claim to be of the same quality, but they are not produced to meet the manufacturer’s engineering and material specifications.”