Car Insurance – Four Important Concepts

(i) Compulsory and Voluntary Excess: All insurance policies for young drivers come with a ’Compulsory Excess’. This is the amount you must pay towards any claim you make. Most UK Insurance Providers have a minimum Compulsory Excess of £200 for new drivers. Insurers will usually offer you a discount on your premium if you agree […]

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New York’s Yellow Taxis to go Green

New York’s world famous yellow taxi cabs will turn green over the next five years. But that isn’t their actual physical colour, it just means they will become more environmentally friendly. The taxis will go hybrid in an effort to cut air pollution and tackle climate change. Hybrids run on petrol and electricity, therefore they […]

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Manual or Automatic? Which is Best For You?

When it comes to deciding between buying a manual or an automatic car, there are a number of things which you need to bare in mind. Not least is the price, because an automatic vehicles is likely to cost a lot more than a manual. If you are trying to save money on the cost […]

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What to Look For in an SUV

Sports Utility Vehicles are all the range these days, and if you have passed any school recently, you will certainly have seen a who;e load of them parked outside the gates. It is not just middle class mums who have taken to SUVs though as a breed of younger, affluent people are starting to consider […]

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Five Affordable Hatchbacks

Everybody loves a hatchback. They are affordable, versatile and very convenient when it comes to ferrying the family around from A to B. But what are the six best, affordable hatchbacks that are on the market right now, at what makes them so appealing? Read on, to find out which ones we have chosen to […]

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